Michael H. Hall, Lost Count, 2012, video still.

Cinema Reset – Videorover: Season 6

Cinema Reset will present three screenings of experimental videos, art, and cinema during the New Orleans Film Festival.


Videorover: Season 6

Videorover, NURTUREart’s dedicated video program, is an ever-expanding forum for emerging and underrepresented artists working in video. While producing and sharing video is becoming increasingly easier, truly exceptional video works still deserve to be presented and appreciated in the best possible way. To this purpose, Videorover aims to present a wide range of videos from local and international artists who are willing to question and extend the perceptual limitations of this medium.

The sixth season of Videorover showcases performance-inspired works made for the camera for presentation on screen, where performance acts allow the camera to complete them, mediating the gap between performer and audience. The program is curated by Rachel Steinberg and Giana Gambino, featuring works by artists: Bridget Batch + Kevin Cooley, Heather Delaney, Kerry Downey + Joanna Seitz in collaboration with Jen Rosenblit, Michael H Hall, Constantin Hartenstein, Gabriel Hosovsky, Lindsay Packer, Daniel Seiple, Alina Tenser, Jacob Tonski, and Roland Wegerer.

Rachel Steinberg is an artist, curator, and organizer living in Brooklyn. She graduated in 2008 with a BFA from Pratt Institute. From 2009-2011, she was a member of the video art collective BFFAEAETDDUP along with Giana Gambino. She is the organizer and main curator of the semi-annual video exhibition Videorover at NURTUREart Gallery, where she is also the Assistant Director. Since early 2012, she is has been an active member and co-organizer of Trade School New York. She also works as the Assistant Registrar at Museum of Arts and Design.

Giana Gambino is an artist and curator from New York City. She earned her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University, where she held a double concentration in painting, drawing and printmaking and electronic time-based media. She is currently working towards two master’s degrees in Art History, Theory and Criticism and Arts Administration and Policy. Since moving to Chicago, she has co-founded and co-directed Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival at DEFIBRILLATOR Performance Art Gallery. She co-curated the inaugural festival with Joseph Ravens, Julie Laffin, and Steven L. Bridges in 2012, as well as the second iteration in 2013. Additionally, she was a Curatorial Fellow at Sullivan Galleries, where she worked with a team to curate the MFA Show 2013.