Darling Fitch plus Cat Child

Darling Fitch presents A Stranger Sound at 7 p.m. on Friday, April 14, at the Mudlark Public Theatre (1200 Port Street).

Arising from Berlin’s queer party scene, A Stranger Sound is a dark yet affirming transgender coming-of-age story. Through music and poetry, the show leads audiences to journey through “gender dysphoria and chemical ecstasy / chemical dysphoria and gender ecstasy…and glamour as a survival strategy.” It gives an honest account of queer space: community, self-discovery, safety; but also addiction, escapism, narcissism, abuse, and self-harm.

With performances throughout Fitch’s first year of testosterone therapy, accumulating changes become evident, particularly through the juxtaposition of live/pre-recorded vocals. A Stranger Sound tells an ongoing story, physically and thematically revealing the ever-shifting nature of life.

Darling Fitch (formerly Brigid Fitch) is an American-born, Berlin-based writer, musician, and performance artist. They have presented work internationally, including at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (UK), Dixon Place HOT! Fest (NYC), and the Month of Performance Art-Berlin (DE). Fitch’s current project, A Stranger Sound, will be presented at least once a month until spring 2016, spanning the first year of Fitch’s testosterone therapy (Fitch is non-binary transgender and uses they/them pronouns). In addition to performing regularly in galleries and venues in Berlin, Fitch runs a monthly series of performance art entitled Yes/No/Other/All: Performance on the Boundaries of Identity.

You can find more about Darling Fitch at their website: darlingfitch.com

Cat Child presents their Sacred Androgyny Dissertation. Cat Child is the sound/music project of Butoh-influenced performance artist Cypress Corpse. For this performance, they will be presenting a new work based around their theory of sacred androgyny. It will be an experimental vocal and physical dissertation.

Listen at catchild.bandcamp.com