Dinner and Talk with Hui-Ying Tsai

Join us for dinner and artist talk with Spillways Artist-in-Residence Hui-Ying Tsai. Space is limited, so please RSVP by emailing info@antenna.works.

Hui-Ying is an interdisciplinary artist producing two lines of work: self-exploratory (inward) and social engagement (outward).

Her works have the storytelling quality that demonstrates the dilemma swings between dystopian and utopian. She reflects on the symbolism of objects and artifacts holding cultural or historical significance. The digested and internalized works piece together a bigger picture of her experiences. The works act as narratives of personal memories or shared events in communities.

To Hui-Ying, making art is a ritualistic activity, imbuing meaning onto representations of manifestations and superficial objects to preserve memories and imagination.

Her social engagement project, Habitation, aims to create dialogues about territory definition, identity establishment, site history, and coexisting harmony of human and environment by forming temporary communities around the piece. Through the process of art making in each community, the work enhances awareness of the natural and cultural landscapes respond to the presence.

She believes art is made with missions, and she ultimately wants to promote global citizenship. Art practice should cross all creative disciplines and break the geographical and political boundaries. Through projects involves communities, Hui-Ying has the opportunity to make in-person influence within small groups to infuse the concept and create the ripple effect in everyday life.

Image: Habitation No.4 (Cradle) Hui-Ying Tsai, photograph credit Corina Hsu

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