Draw-a-thon 2012


Draw-a-thon is once again at a new location, this year at the amazing Marigny Opera House. Thanks for making this year’s Draw-a-thon happen by backing the Kickstarter!

Press Street’s 24-hour Draw-a-thon is the only event of its kind in the city of New Orleans. It is an art experience in which people are active participants– not spectators; where the entire premise is to encourage creating for the sake of creating. It is an all-ages, free event that is open to the public with all art materials provided.

Throughout a 24 hour period- beginning 6:30am on a Saturday and ending at 6:30am Sunday- workshops for all ages are held. Participants also let loose in an open space, walls and floors covered with paper to literally draw all over.

Draw-a-thon began in 2006, where it was hosted at the Green Project, a recycled building materials warehouse. Draw-a-thon out grew the space, and in 2011 was hosted at the Old Ironworks nearby. The new location was a huge success, but is unavailable this year, and so Draw-a-thon will be moving to bigger and better places again! In 2012 we are excited to bring you Draw-a-thon at the Marigny Opera House.

Press Street’s 7th Annual  24 Hour Draw-a-thon 2012 Schedule

Creature Battle Draw with Luke Q
Cereal Box Workshop
Knights of The Drawing Table: Shields & Crests with Natalie Mclaurin
Alien Landscape with Jeannie Detweiller
Yard Art
Life Sizes Silhouette Self-portraits
Tent Embroidery/Weaving with Plessy School

Living Canvas with Rose & Anais

Bring a shirt/bag/whatever for Live Screen Printing by a Fox of this year’s T-shirt Design ($5 donation with your item or $20 donation for brand new shirt)

Flag-ography with expert flag-ographer Luke Q

Print Making with Kenny Harrison

NOLA Mix DJ: Album Cover Art:
Draw your own cover, write your own liner notes

Bring a shirt/bag/whatever for Live Screen Printing by a Fox of this year’s T-shirt Design ($5 donation with your item or $20 donation for brand new shirt)

Quality Control with Bob Snead and Clark Allen

Animation Station with Courtney Eagan & Kourtney Keller

Stan Danley’s Love Boat: Save your Favorite Animal or Profession with James Goedert

End of Days Greeting Cards with Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell

Iron Draftsman game show with Brad Benischek

Drill Sergeant Gary Oaks speed gesture drawing exercise

Doomsday Drawings: Plagues, Fallout Shelters, & Eraser-geddon with Laura Gipson

Base Camp Cassingham: Pre-dawn Archeology

Harpist Luke Brechtelsbauer

Exquisite Slice Drawings from the Pie of Life with Casear Meadows

5:30 am
RAPTURE! Drawing Inventory & Un fun Super Serious Zombie Clean up and Maybe Crying but Definitely Teeth Gnashing &
U-haul Loading Chain Gang Hour

On-going activities:
The Amazing Draw-a-tron 3000
Whimsy Post with Laura “Whimsy Now” Gipson
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse with Ron Bechet
Clothing Line by Caesar Meadows
Emergency Drawing Kits (EDK) by Angela Driscoll, Gretchen Faust, and Kayla Risko
Frankenfont by Yuka Petz
Hubigs Get Well Pies with Tristan Thompson
Draw Your Fortune
“End of the World As We Know It” Drawing Ideas
Mayan Advent Calendar
Mystery Mosaics
Comic Book Templates
Tower of Doodles
Image library
Texture center
Team Gleason Drawings

Drawing Collections:
Clock for Mice
Suitcase for Clothes & Sundries
Bird Cage
Tool Box
Tackle Box
Picnic Basket
Bed on Wheels for drawing Dreams above & Monsters below