Emergency Drawing Kit Assembly

Saturday November 3rd, 12pm-4pm
at: the Green Project 2831 Marais St.

If you’ve been to Draw-a-Thon before, you may have used an Emergency Drawing Kit: an all in one inspiration kit to get you ready to create! EDK’s were first created by artist Angela Driscoll, to help with the emergency of not knowing what to draw. Styled after military-issued Meals Ready to Eat, each kit contains paper, instructions and an assortment of tiny hand-made objects to inspire a drawing. Participants will help assemble, customize and stockpile a supply of EDK’s for Draw-a-Thon 2018, and can also make a kit to take home with them. We’ll be making use of many tiny recycled treasures from the Green Project!
This workshop is appropriate for participants 13 and up, but adults may also bring a young helper.

If you have items to recycle like such as tiny animal figurines, vintage collage materials, or other small wonders that could have a place in a miniature still life and would like to contribute them, please email amanda@antenna.works with a description and picture to find out if it is something we can make use of. (We don’t want to collect more items than we can use!) Or, if you have an idea for a tiny handmade item you’d like to make for the kits, let us know about it!