Living Room

An installation featuring the work we love to live with in our homes. From the private collections of Brad Benishek, Angela Driscoll, Amanda Cassingham-Bardwell, Courtney Egan, Gretchen Faust, Ken Foster, Anne Giselson, Susan Giselson, Shawn Hall, Nate Martin, Natalie McLaurin, Yuka Petz, Bob Snead

And in the new downstairs Big Class space at Press Street headquarters through April 7:

14572 County Farm Road

In January 2012, artist Michel Varisco accompanied writer and dog advocate Ken Foster to document the lives of 24 dogs seized as part of a dogfighting case in Biloxi, Mississippi. As a group, these nameless dogs represent the damage that can be done when humans lose their way. As individuals, they show the resilient spirit that all abuse victims find in order to survive.