WE’RE PREGNANT video and review

Take a sneak peak at the chapbook We’re Pregnant via this video, which features an original score by HAWN. The book launch for We’re Pregnant is this Thursday from 6 – 9 p.m. at the Press Street HQ and will feature performances by HAWN and Leyla McCalla, as well as a reading of the stories by Nathan C. Martin and an exhibition of photography from the book by Akasha Rabut, Sophie T. Lvoff, and Grissel Giuliano.

Also, over at NolaVie, Erik Vande Stowe has written a review of We’re Pregnant:

Photographs of absurdist domestic still-lives move the reader into the warm abyss of the stories. They are filthy and depraved places and one is shocked to find how comfortable she is there. Nathan Martin brings us to the grotto of human suffering and shows us what tenderness and happiness can sustain itself there.

The men and women of these stories grow into one another, physically as well as emotionally, and the trauma that enables this – carbon monoxide poisoning, shattered bones, gashes and cancer – finds its ultimate articulation in pregnancy. The six principal characters, not counting a sadistic mystery named Pong, cohabitate one another’s bodies as well as their lives. Violence passes through both bodies like fumes through a house. As with the fetus, it is something they share.

Read the complete review at NolaVie.