New Orleans Premiere of BORROWED TIME

Please join us for a FREE film screening of BORROWED TIME by Thom Musso.  Co-presented by Press Street’s Antenna Gallery, Charitable Film Network, and Humidity Skate ShopSeating is Limited.

Skateboarding is all about stolen moments.  Police, private security, the weather and the responsibilities of life all play their roles in determining where and when we can skateboard, and for how long. But there’s more to it than that.  The human body can only take so much abuse.  Debilitating injuries, mental anguish, and general fatigue all take their toll on the skateboarder as well.  There are also liabilities and the potential for property damage inherent to skateboarding.  To the outside observer we appear to be vandals and kamikazes, but those that understand our world view can see a beauty and harmony beyond words.

Through the ups and downs of skateboarding we learn to deal with the ups and downs of life.  More importantly, we learn how to adapt to different environments, and how to use situations and architecture to our advantage.  This struggle makes our victories even sweeter, and makes every  day on a skateboard unique.  The backdrops and characters change, bu from day to day, spot to spot, and city to city, on thing remains the same:  We are all looking for our moment of borrowed time.  (2012, 53 minutes)  Chase Bartee, Pete Chav, John Lavoie, Kevin Linch, Jay Poirier, Nick Rix and John Till are featured in the film. 

There will be a short Q&A with the Director following the screening.   For more information contact, and please visit