Night Bloom :: Isabelle Sigrid

On View :: Sat. Jun. 10th, 2023 - Sun. Jul. 30th, 2023
Instagram:: @isabelle.sigrid

Night Bloom

Night Bloom is a collection of works that celebrates the process and power of drawing. Consisting of prints, illustrations, and moving images, Sigrid’s work is playful and honest in investigating how and why drawing aids us. The show is accompanied by a book of the same name that describes the process of overcoming creative block and prompts the reader to pick up a pen and draw.

Isabelle Sigrid is the recipient of the 2023 Antenna First Floor Gallery Open Call for Exhibitions.


Isabelle Sigrid is a multimedia artist, animator and printmaker. She was raised Seattle, Washington. Her early interest in alternative comics left a lasting mark on her work which often combines text and image. Isabelle went on to attend Bard College, after which she worked as an arts educator in Seattle and New York City. Her work investigates personal narratives, sexuality, gender, myth, magic and religion. She currently lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

See below a preview of Isabelle’s work below. Please note that the preview below includes some explicit content.