NOLA Japanese Cinema Series – Gantz II: Perfect Answer

Please join us for NOLA JCS – a monthly Japanese film series hosted by Japan Society of New Orleans, with support from Press Street, Café Istanbul and Charitable Film Network.

After an accident on a train platform, recently deceased childhood friends Kei and Kato find themselves transported to an empty apartment populated by several confused strangers and a mysterious black ball known as Gantz.  The big black ball issues them a set of strange suits, instructing them to exterminate “dangerous aliens” from Earth in a series of bloodthirsty games. They are given high-tech weaponry, and the opportunity to collect points depending on how many aliens they kill. Once they reach 100 they are awarded the opportunity to either leave the game, or resurrect one of their fallen comrades.  (2011, 141 minutes)  FREE Admission – Cash Bar.

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