ROOM 220 Presents: A Happy Hour Salon with Rebecca Solnit, Rebecca Snedeker, and the creators of UNFATHOMABLE CITY: A NEW ORLEANS ATLAS

Room 220 is pleased to present a Happy Hour Salon to celebrate the local launch of Unfathomable City: A New Orleans Atlas, edited by Rebecca Solnit and Rebecca Snedeker, from 4 – 7 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 23, at the All Ways Lounge (2240 St. Claude Ave). Maple Street Book Shop will be on hand selling the book.

Unfathomable City is a collection of essays and corresponding maps whose creation involved more than 50 contributors from New Orleans and beyond working as authors, editors, artists, researchers, cartographers, and performers of miscellaneous duties. This Happy Hour Salon is, in part, an event in their honor, but it’s also free and open to the public.

The event will feature readings from the book by Solnit, Evan Casper-Futterman, and Andy Young and Khaled Hegazzi (reading as a duo), as well as presentations by Snedeker and editor-at-large Josh Jelly-Schapiro. It will also involve food, live music, projections of art from the book, and drinking in the afternoon. Despite the day-drinking (and cigarette-smoking that tends to come with it), this will be a kid-friendly event.

Unfathomable City is the follow-up to Solnit’s wildly popular 2010 Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas, a book of maps and essays in the same format that examines Solnit’s hometown.

Stay tuned for the Room 220 review of Unfathomable City by Jeri Hilt.