If you are not a myth whose reality are you?

If you are not reality whose myth are you?

Sun Ra, Prophetika : Book One

SOUND—It has been the principle creative organizing tool of the Black community in New Orleans for centuries. This month, violinist, composer, and scholar, Sultana Isham explores the history of Black composers in Classical music and the choice to follow sound down the path toward memory. Mixed-media artist, visual scholar, doula, medical anthropologist, conjurer and healer, Soraya Jean-Louis Mc Elroy’s, Ayiti Chérie invites us to recognize the subversive power of spiritual humor and writer, Alex Jennings talks being Black in Castle Rock, Maine.

Cover photo depicts the Nickerson Ladies’ Orchestra in New Orleans (1902). Read more about Camille Nickerson in Sultana’s, “Bloodline: The Power of Music and Memory. The Room 220 playlist is a baby. This first installment was a joint effort by Sultana Isham, Lenny Raney, and Kristina Kay Robinson.