Spaceward-Ho! (Our Disposable Life)

“Our primary mission at Antenna is to send and receive transmissions from within the city, state, the world and now the universe.”  We earthlings are creatures with an uncertain future. Where will we get fuel and food in the coming decades?  What will the next smart phone do?  Where will we throw it away when we are done with it? Can we afford the rent in that building down the street?

Spaceward-Ho!  (Our Disposable Life) will coincide with Antenna’s launch into satellite programming throughout the spring and summer.  April marks Press Street and Antenna’s LAST MONTH in the gallery space at 3161 Burgundy, which has housed the gallery since 2008. This fall, Press Street and Antenna will land in a new space, also located in the St. Claude Arts District.

Pioneers attending April’s installation in Antenna Gallery will experience the final frontier that is Spaceward-Ho! – a vision of our disposable life to come. This landscape is composed of displays of a variety of space objects: satellites, constellations, asteroids; which have been crafted with an aesthetic of authenticity and realism as befitting the stellar budget of Antenna’s space program.  Sweets by NOLA Pie Guy.

Gallery Hours:
  Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 5:00pm.  SPACEWARD HO! (Our Disposable Life) will be on view throughout April.  Contact for more information, and please visit: