Antenna is pleased to present “Sum,” featuring artists Angela Driscoll and Kevin H. Jones. Driscoll and Jones share an interest in reconfiguring natural and human-made systems.

Driscoll’s Blog Drawings are based on information researched from weblog entries – specifically their language and grammar. These drawings of graphite and woven paper represent information gathered in a single day of reading, which then is translated into color coded categories and a system of mark making. The entries are an immediate resource of data-inspired compositions, both in a visual and a musical sense. Driscoll currently teaches at Loyola University.

Kevin H. Jones’s artwork investigates the natural world through charts, diagrams and systems. With early work that used solar energy to power a fictional television station, to a recent interactive video installation that question entropy, Jones has synthesized various media in his projects.
This questioning, re-contextualizing, and dissecting of natural systems in his work has investigated crypto-zoology, structures of time, chemistry and astronomy resulting in digital prints and complex installations. Jones currently teaches at Tulane University.