Dog Hospital


Opening Reception: Oct 8, 6-10pm
Closing Reception: Nov. 12, 6-10pm
Hours: Sat and Sun 12-5, Tuesday-Friday 12-5 call ahead

Most of my work resides at the intersection between painting, drawing, and performance. For the last ten years I have been working on a series of paintings, and drawings that rely on gesture and improvisation to explore themes of nature, gender, family, and humor. The inspiration for my work is rooted in my experiences growing up in a Transcendental Meditation community in Iowa, an ongoing interest in the ways gender is expressed and defined in Western art, and most recently my experiences as a parent and observer of the cognitive and creative processes of children.
One recent pivotal project entitled ‘Dog Hospital’, reflects my interest in language, sequential imagery, and the parallel experiences of parents and children. About a year ago I began writing down the conversations my two sons were having when they were playing different kinds of make-believe games. ‘Dog Hospital’ juxtaposes two ways of processing illness. The text comes from an afternoon listening to my sons enacting a make-believe ‘Dog Hospital’. The drawings respond to their story through the lens of my own experiences as a breast cancer survivor.

-Joey Fauerso