Event recap: Literary Late Night at the Outdoor Auxiliary

On May 3, authors Matt Sumell, Anne Gisleson, and Yuri Herrera read as part of the Room 220 Live Prose from the Antenna Gallery Outdoor Auxiliary reading series. More than 130 people came out to hear the readers, drink daiquiris supplied by Gene’s, and mingle among the sweet sounds spun by DJ Brian Boyles. Aside from a termite swarm and Sumell almost falling down a deep well obscured by weeds behind the podium, the event was an overwhelming success. Photos by Jerald White.

Local literati arrived early to see and be seen … and drink.

Yuri Herrera began the night’s reading with an excerpt from ‘Kingdom Cons,’ his first book to be translated into English, which will be released next fall by Faber and Faber. Room 220 will host the local book launch.

Anne Gisleson read from an essay-in-progress about a man who sent her a letter from death row whom she had never met.

Matt Sumell read from the original version of “Punching Jackie,” a story that was published in NOON after being dramatically edited by Diane Williams. The story refers to his sister, Jackie Sumell, who was in attendance.

After the readers finished, Room 220 editor Nathan C. Martin implored everyone to stick around and help finish the booze, because he didn’t think he could drink it all himself.

… and stick around, they did.

Brian Boyles held it down on the ones and twos. You can find him Friday nights at Handsome Willy’s.

The bar was backed by votive candles that kept the spirits of bad writing away.

Yuri holds court after the reading.

Anne Gisleson schools the Sumells on … something.

One of many moderately creepy pieces installed in the venue by Antenna Gallery artists.