NOLA Japanese Cinema Series – A BOY AND HIS SAMURAI

Please join us for NOLA JCS – a monthly Japanese film series hosted by the Japan Society of New Orleans, with support from NOLA Anime, Café Istanbul, Press Street and Charitable Film Network.

A BOY AND HIS SAMURAI (Chonmage Purin) by Yoshihiro Nakamura
Kijima Yasube (Ryo Nishikido), a samurai from the Edo Period, travels through time – 180 years – to arrive in present day Japan. He then meets divorcee Hiroko (Rie Tomosaka) & her son Tomoya (Fuku Suzuki). Yasube ends up working for Hiroko as a housemaid in return for food and lodging. One day. Yasube starts to make pastries for Tomoya, which leads to Yasube become popular patissier. In the process the three become very close, but the moment they must say good bye also draws near … (2010, 108 minutes) Admission Free! Arrive early and enjoy Japanese music videos from 6:30pm to 7:00pm!

Mark your calendar for JAPAN FEST!
Saturday, October 12, 2013 at the New Orleans Museum of Art – Music, food, dancing, martial arts and vendors celebrating Japanese culture.For information about JSNO membership and future events contact, and please follow the Japan Society of New Orleans on Facebook.