SINK: Subsidence :: Evictions: Ep 02 :: The Land Beneath Us

S-I-N-K. You know the feeling. That sinking feeling where you think you’re on solid ground. But everything’s falling apart.

To live in New Orleans is to live near the water. We breathe it in our air. We feel it on our skin and under our feet.

I wanted to know about the science of the ground sinking beneath us. And maybe by looking at subsidence of Louisiana soil while simultaneously learning more about the housing policies rooted upon this earth…maybe I could think about all of this in a new way. Maybe I can learn more about my part in this ecosystem. And work to make changes for the benefit of all involved.

Many thanks to our guests for their contributions to this episode:

Cyndhia Ramatchandirane, a geoscientist at Earthjustice working to communicate the health, environmental and climate impacts of fossil fuels.

Hannah Adams, a attorney focused on landlord tenant disputes and a board member of Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative?

Davida Finger, an educator at Loyola Law School working with students representing low income clients.?…tory/davida-finger

Shana Griffin, co-founder of Jame Place Sustainability Initiative, artist and activist. As Interim Executive Director of Antenna, Shana also provided editorial assistance to this series.?

Andreaneica Morris, the Executive Director of Housing NOLA.?

Y. Frank Southall, Lead Organizer and Community Engagement Coordinator of the Jane Place Neighborhood Sustainability Initiative and member of the New Orleans Renter’s Rights Assembly?

Music in this episode is by Circus Marcus, Selva de Mar, Aaron Ximm. and The Roots of Music. Shea Shackleford served as editor. This piece was produced by Marie Lovejoy.

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: Shana Griffin