CMYKings: Zines in Four Colors


Opening Reception: Jan 11, 6-10pm
Closing Reception: February 8, 6-10pm

On view:  January 4 – March 1

Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5

The CMYKings Zine exchange began with four artists exchanging work through the mail, and after six years has grown to a collective of 20 artists from across the country producing 50 zines. The mission of the project is to honor print history, embrace print technology, use restrictions as inspiration, make new work by any means necessary, and to support and encourage fellow artists. The result is a body of work that is widely varied. Some of the zines are full of abstract imagery that delves into the printing process used to create it. Other zines are politically relevant, responding to social justice issues and presenting the reader with timely information. Each zine is deeply personal, coming from the simple prompt of a color and resulting in a beautifully diverse collection of small publications. In the spirit of collaboration, we invite visitors to the gallery to respond to these prompts and limitations that have inspired us over the last five years. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black supplies will be available for visitors to create their own zines to add to the exhibition.

Artist Involved:

Amanda Amey
Astrid Bowlby
Amanda D’Amico
Shyla Hazen
Jessica Hoffman
Sam Kelly
Rachel Kobasa
Emily Larned
Leah Mackin
Sarah Moody
Rachel Morris
Pilar Nadal
J. Pascoe
Bobby Rosenstock
Hope Rovelto
Emmeline Solomon
Erin Sweeney
Jen Thomas
Lauren Tosswill
Imin Yeh