SIFT archive visit June 14 provides a look at fancy books

SIFT, your local artistic bookmaking organization, is hosting a field trip to the special collections at Loyola University New Orleans from 1-4 p.m. on June 14, where participants will be shown an assortment of the collection’s best books curated by archivist Trish Nugent. Because of the nature of viewing rare books, space will be limited to 15 people. To sign-up and participate, email The event is free.

Having been a frequent patron of Loyola’s library for the past two years, and having come to know Trish, I offer assurance that this will be an enticing and enlightening experience for anyone with a love of fine books and a hankering to learn more more about them, particularly in our fair city.

Further information about the trip is available on SIFT’s website.