Curatorial Category: Selected by Antenna Collective

Trickle Down Ecology

On view: Oct 12 – Nov 3, 2019 Opening Reception: Oct 12, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 Jacob Reptile is a fiber artist celebrating the world around us but sneaking in the dirty truth. He is a believer in healthy ecosystems, whether it be for his passion for designing and creating aquariums and Trickle Down Ecology

Make Your Own Void Fill

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Second Saturday openings moved to THIRD Saturday. Stay safe![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] Julian Wellisz presents Make Your Own Void Fill: an exhibition of ready-made sculptural recreations of photographs from a supply catalog. “There are dozens of masterpieces in this catalogue, obscured amongst 36,000 lesser works. Viewed by the company not as art but as utility, helping to further Make Your Own Void Fill

Together Nonlinear

On view: June 8-July 7 Opening Reception: Saturday June 8, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 About the show: “Together Nonlinear” is a showcase of print ephemera, drawings, and painted skateboard decks celebrating queer identities in art and skateboarding. Works shown will be from some of Unity Skateboarding’s zine workshops and queer skateboarding sessions. Unity Together Nonlinear

The Oxbow Index

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Oxbow Index encompasses a range of work engaging with the Mississippi River and consists of photographs, drawings, and sculpture. The work sources oxbow lakes that were once a part of the river’s main stream along with the artist’s practice of walking the batture in and around New Orleans. Crosson’s practice is one that seeks The Oxbow Index

The Valley Below

On view: March 9- April 7, 2019 Opening Reception: March 9, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 About the show: Janna Ireland is an artist living in the Greater Los Angeles area. The Valley Below combines two bodies of work that dig into themes of domesticity, isolation, black identity, and the performance of femininity. The Valley Below

House//Hold :: Mary Clara Hutchison

On view: Feb 9-March 3 Opening Reception: Friday Feb 8, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 House//Hold is an installation exploring how our bodies relate to our home spaces. Utilizing materials and furniture sourced from Mary Clara Hutchison’s own home, House//Hold reflects the physiological interactions and attachments that form between humans and objects, and House//Hold :: Mary Clara Hutchison

All sorrows can be borne…

On view: Dec 8, 2018-Jan 6, 2019 Opening Reception: Dec 8, 6-10pm PhotoNOLA Reception: Saturday, Dec 15, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 All sorrows can be borne… features Allison Beondé, Rose Marie Cromwell, Amy Elkins, Annie Flanagan, and Jessica Ingram, and is curated by AnnieLaurie Erickson and Jared Ragland. Inspired by author Isak All sorrows can be borne…

Operating Thetan

On view: Oct 13-Nov 4, 2018 Opening Reception: Oct 13, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 About the show: Operating Thetan is a spiritual state above Clear. It is defined as “knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space, and time. Featuring the work of James Ulmer, Austin English, Dan Mandelbaum, Anthony Operating Thetan

Full Circle

On view: August 11- Sept 2, 2018 Second Saturday Reception: Aug 11, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 Through the use of circumference mapping and with a primary focus on community engagement within a 0.3-mile radius spanning out from Antenna on St. Claude Ave., the central point of “Full Circle” is the exploration of Full Circle

The Republic of Dark

On view: June 9- July 8 2018 Second Saturday Reception: June 9, 6-10 pm The Republic of Dark is a body of work that began as an exploration of internal conflict, the initial sketches being figures in opposition to one another as surrogates of internal duels. But the concepts became more prescient and the figures, The Republic of Dark

Let Fossils Become Flowers…

Let Fossils Become Flowers… On view: May 12th- June 3rd 2018 Second Saturday Reception: May 12, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 As a continuation of Fossil Free Fest, and as part of the 2018 Wetlands Art Tour, Antenna hosts artists whose work will help us see the need for a pathway to a Let Fossils Become Flowers…

Tyrone Don’t Surf

Tyrone Don’t Surf On view: April 14- May 6, 2018 Second Saturday Reception: April 14, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 Exhibition: Tyrone Don’t Surf is a first hand glance into the complexity of the black man surfing. Like hiking, the idea of “Tyrone,” the fictional black man, taking part in surfing is not Tyrone Don’t Surf

Blue Library 3

On view: Dec 2, 2017-Jan 29, 2018 Opening Reception: Saturday Dec 9, 6-10pm Closing Reception: Jan 13, 2018, 6-10pm The third iteration of the Blue Library is books made from the 3K Project, a photographic answer to the first US travel ban. Participating artists are from the US, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, and Blue Library 3

Pop That Thang: Polo Silk

BUY THE BOOK NOW! Polo Silk has been photographing in New Orleans for over 30 years. A regular at nightclubs, second lines, block parties, and everything in between, he has photographed tens of thousands of people (often multiple times throughout the years) dressed in their finest. This exhibition highlights some of the most memorable rap Pop That Thang: Polo Silk

The Earth is Round?

On view: May 13- June 4, 2017 Opening Reception: Saturday May 13, 6-10pm Daily hours: Tuesday through Sunday 12-5 For “The Earth is Round?” Antenna invited Louisiana artists, scientists, and conservationists to contribute imagery and objects in support of science, facts, direct observation, and the Louisiana coast and wetlands. This exhibition is held in conjunction The Earth is Round?

Anthony Baab: Cover the Earth IV

Within his current body of work, Cover the Earth, Anthony Baab experiments with objects and materials associated with consumerism – packaging, advertisements, and logos. Baab views an explicit sense of command and function conveyed through these containers, perhaps more so than the commodities they hold or represent. Attempting to regenerate these objects into something otherwise Anthony Baab: Cover the Earth IV


Clay is harvested from the earth where waters once flowed. This summer too much water hit the hard earth in and around Baton Rouge and Alligator Clay, a major clay distributor, flooded. This congregation of artists: Rachael DePauw, Miki Glasser, MaPo Kinnord, Nikki Jackson, and Sarah House, use clay in beautiful, innovative ways. The exhibition Congregation

Diane Fox: UnNatural History

For the past several years, Diane Fox has trained her eye on the taxidermied animal. This solo exhibit includes two directions the work has taken, UnNatural History and UnNatural History Portraits. UnNatural HIstory is a collection of photographs shot in natural history museums in the US and abroad. Using reflection and the inclusion of items Diane Fox: UnNatural History

Refractional Presence

Opening Reception: September 10, 6-10pm Daily hours: Sat and Sun 12-5, Tuesday-Friday 12-5 call ahead Refraction n. the action of distorting an image by viewing it through a medium We all look, but can we all see? In this media-filled and product-inundated world, how often do we blindly oblige societal expectations of womanhood, beauty, and Refractional Presence